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multi-family CLT complex


Located in Ulster County, NY, this complex is planned as the first large-scale deployment of wood 1a’s affordable Cross Laminated Timber building system. Comprised of 11 clustered three-storey buildings, the development will sequester 1636 tons of carbon.


The clustered layout minimizes site disturbance, while the green roofs reduce impervious surfaces and protect the viewshed from the surrounding hills.


This wood 1a development project is intended to demonstrate CLT’s suitability for use as the primary structural and aesthetic component in affordable green multi-family construction. Leveraging our experience in CLT design iteration and optimization, our plans provide inexpensive and beautiful homes to people of all ages.


Prospective inhabitants will have several sizes to choose from, in furnished and unfurnished configurations. In order to allow for maximum layout customization and fluidity, we designed a modular plywood furniture set which seamlessly attaches to the CLT wall panels.


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February 9, 2017


in the works