what is clt?

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is a cutting-edge engineered wood building product

cross laminated timber manufacturing

CLT panels are manufactured from layers of parallel boards that are laminated perpendicularly and pressed together

cross laminated timber design

all window, door, electrical and mechanical openings are integrated into the panel designs before cutting begins

cross laminated timber computer-controlled cutting with Hundegger PBA Machine

the panels are cut to precise measurements by computer-controlled saws and routers to form complete wall and floor pieces

cross laminated timber assembly

the panels are craned into place and fastened together at a speed far exceeding that of stick, steel or concrete construction

cross laminated timberCross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is the building material of the future not only because of its speed of assembly but also because, unlike concrete or steel, it is a carbon sink. each ton of CLT embodies up to one ton of carbon, carbon which would otherwise have been emitted into the atmosphere and become a contributor to global warming.


the production and assembly process furthermore results in minimal waste (nothing is cut on site and thrown out), a cleaner construction site, and a short on-site construction time, which in turn leads to decreased monetary and environmental costs.


wood 1a has taken CLT construction to its highest art by developing wood OS, a proprietary building system that is faster, cheaper and more environmentally sound than competitive systems.